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Why MMC Property Services?

Whether you rent out your property or not, you need a local person for several reasons:

  • No worries back home, we take care of your second home while you are away.
  • Personal attention for you and your home.
  • There are simply things you can't do from a distance.
  • Your guests are being taken care of and we make sure they'll feel at home.
  • We know the local people and can get you the best service and value for your money.
  • We are a professional, legally registered company
  • Because your second home is worth it.

Other companies may offer  you key holding or property management services on the side, however for us it is our core business, that way we make sure we are completely focused on taking care of your home.


We take care of you, your home and  your guests.


Why contract professional services?

Of course there is always a helping neighbour, a friend nearby to keep an eye on your property, a gardener or cleaning lady who can hand over the keys to your tenants but taking care of a property can sometimes be a lot of work and asking favours can be a pressure on the relationship with that person. When you let a company handle all your needs you don´t have to worry about that, you are probably being able to ask more and some things are just better done professionally.

If you rent out your property your tenants most likely saved up for their holidays and spent quite some money renting your home, they deserve to be received professionally and being able to communicate in several languages. Being received in Spanish is the charm of being on holiday in another country but when there is a problem it´s nice if you can speak your own language. Besides, did you know that the advantage of having a company arranging this for you is that when you declare your rental income, you can deduct these invoiced costs in your tax declaration?

To whom do we provide our services?

Any home owner in Javea and surroundings who needs help with their (second) home, on a monthly base or occasionally, whether you rent out your house or not.

Although we focus on the home owners, of course our services are also available to real estate and rental agencies and their owners. Contact us for more information.


What does it cost?

Our key holding services, including local contact services, start already from only € 7,50 per month.

We would love to make an appointment (obligation free) with you to meet you personally and understand what you are looking for, what your wishes are and to get to know your home to be able to make a personal quote.


Vacant or occupied?

For a smooth collaboration we kindly ask you to always let us know if and when there is somebody staying at your home. This is important for us to know at all times for example to be able to attend quickly and correctly a call from your alarm company or to prevent surprises and not to disturb you with a property check at 9.00 AM when you, your family or guests are sleeping in.

How many sets of keys do we need?

We need at least one set of keys of your house however we recommend 2 sets of keys, that way if maintenance people go to your home (only with your approval) we always have an extra set of keys here e.g. in case we need to go to your home as well or check the work that has been done so far.

In case you rent out your property we recommend at least 3 sets of keys, 2 sets for the tenants and one set for us in case we need to attend any kind of problem. We will always make an appointment first and will not go to the house without the tenants knowledge.

Please note that the set of keys you give us needs to have all keys that give us access to all areas including maintenance rooms where the boiler or pool system are or where the gas bottles are stored. Keys you may not give to e.g. your tenants but are important for us to attend any kind of problem that may occur.


Are you legal?


Yes, we are officially registered and have the necessary insurances.



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