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Key holding does not include cleaning services

Cleaning is part of our integral property management and cannot be contracted separately, key holding is simply us being someone who has your spare key when you need it or you can ask all your questions you may have.

Spring cleans till May

Spring clean is called spring clean for a reason :) If you want to have a thorough clean of your home, terraces done with a kärcher, window cleaning etc please make sure to book this latest in may. That way your house is nice and clean after being closed all winter and rain we had, ready for your summer holiday and when you come we just need to freshen it up.

Cleaning in general

It's not the same having a cleaning lady at home every week for a couple of hours as having to clean a home that has been empty for weeks or months, dust piles up, insects and flies are having the time of their live when you are away, spider webs everywhere, sandy winds may have visited, and left their traces, believe it or not, many times it's more work then a home where people live in.

Don't plan larger jobs or repair works in high season:

  • In July and August everybody, electricians, technicians, plumbers and so on, are extremely busy because of the tourist season (as are we), so no large jobs, repairs, renovations, new installations or works will be done during these two months, except for emergencies of course.
  • During the summer months carrying out work is subject to restrictions because of the noise.
  • In August many companies, factories and even some authorities are closed.

Start preparing your home on time for the new season

Thinking about updating your home for the next year, maybe make some improvements on decoration or installing air conditioning, make sure to start on time. We would recommend to even start in winter already, for the same reasons as mentioned above, by the time you get to May/June it's hard to get appointments with technicians.

From June till September we don't take on new properties

Getting to know your home needs time, that's why we only contract new properties from September onwards up till June, especially when it's a rental property.

We're no gardeners or pool men

Garden&pool maintenance is usually contracted by the owner directly but we are happy of course to recommend you some companies who can take care of this or get you quotes for the maintenance of your garden or pool. We can be the contact person between you and your pool man or gardener, keep an eye on your pool and garden but are not responsible for the work carried out.


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