Beach at Javea port
Beach at Javea port

Price list

Each home is different and needs to get the personal attention that it deserves. That is why we love to make an obligation free appointment with you to get to know you, your home and your personal wishes and to provide you with the best price(s).

Nevertheless herewith a guideline of our prices in case you would contract our services individually. The prices already include 21% VAT.


Key Holding                                                                                                                   € 7,50 per month  

(incl. "your local contact" services)


Property Services                                                                                                      


First property check of the month                                                                  € 50,-
Additional property check(s)                                                                              € 25,-  per check

Contact person alarm company                                                                       
€ 25,- per month    
Intermediary gardener / pool man                                                                   € 15,- per month
Intermediary maintenance contracts                                                               € 15,- per month  

Cleaning in general (min 3 hours)                                                                     € 15,- per hour / per person Arrival/departure cleaning                                                                                  Price depends on the property
Spring clean, window cleaning or cleaning after construction work       Upon a previous quote
Laundry services (standard linen package)
                                                   € 15,- per person


Rental Services

Check in service                                                                                                     € 50,-
(Preparation of the accommodation before arrival)

Meet & Greet                                                                       
(Preparation of the accommodation before arrival plus receiving the guests
at the accommodation, hand over the keys and give them a short guided tour)

From 08.00h to 20.00h                                                                                 € 100,-
20.00h to 01.00h                                                                                 € 150,-
After 01.00h and before 08.00h                                                                 On request

Local contact services guests                                                                              € 25,-
(Contact person for your guests during openings hours for questions
and problems during their stay)

SOS Service guests (except call outs)                                                                € 50,-

(Local contact services + 24/7 emergency telephone number)

Check out service                                                                                                    € 50,-
(Pick up the keys from the tenants and check the accommodation after
departure based on a personal check list)

End cleaning                                                                                                              Depends on the property
Additional cleaning and/or cleaning in general                                              
€ 15,- per hour
Laundry services (standard linen package)
                                                     € 15,- per person


Other services


All other services as garden and pool maintenance, plumbers, electricians, paint jobs, redecorations, construction work, grocery shopping etc. etc. are upon request and/or with a previous quote. You will receive the invoice of the work plus our hours for intermediation (when applicable).


Our standard rates are:

During openings hours                                                                                                € 25,- per hour
    Monday – Friday,  9.00h – 18.00h


Outside openings hours                                                                                              € 37,50 per hour

18.00h - 23.00h and Saturday


SOS Service                                                                                                                    € 50,- per hour

23.00 - 9.00h, Sunday and holidays   

All prices mentioned include 21% VAT


MMC Property Services
Javea (Alicante) Spain
T: (+34) 630 168 804
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from 9.00h - 18.00h

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