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Frequently Asked Questions

About our services in general


What does “Your local contact” services mean?

We want to be “your local contact” in Javea and provide you with personal contact and advice. You can call us or write us an email with any kind of question you may have regarding your home, guests or stay or even for example where to find a good hairdresser or which physiotherapist we recommend. During opening hours we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Please note we will answer your questions to our best knowledge and as soon as there is work involved (e.g. asking for quotes or a visit to the property) our standard rate will apply.

This services is also available for your guests if you like when rent out your property.

About our Key Holding services


Are my keys safe with you?


All keys will have a code that has no reference to the home nor the address of the house for security reasons.


We will only hand over your key to a person after your written approval, confirming that they on your behalf were allowed to pick up a set of keys or in case work needs to be done at your house that you agreed upon.


When can other people pick up my keys?

Anytime during openings hours from Monday to Friday your maintenance people, friends or family can come and pick up the keys (although it´s convenient to give us a heads up) and on Saturdays from 8.00h to 20.00h when you contracted our rental management services. Outside these hours only if specifically agreed upon beforehand (extra charges may apply).

Can MMC Property Services be the first contact for our alarm company?

Yes, of course, we would be happy to and this services is included when you contract our key holding services. It means we will be the contact for the company of your alarm system and will handle the call according to what we agreed upon. Not included are call outs to the house, in case we need to go to your home we will charge the corresponding rate per hour.  Again, also here it is very important for us to know if and when there are people staying at your home or not.

About our Property Services


What does the regular property check consist of?

We will visit your home on a regular base (the monthly frequency is in accordance with you) and check the house, the garden and the pool to see that everything is secure and in correct order. We use a check list, we look for any damages, leaks or humidity, check the water, gas and electricity meter and any special requests you may have for these visits.

How do I know you really visit my home in my absence?

You will receive a report by email after each visit with our observations and any recommendations if those apply. We will also include pictures of the water and electricity meter as proof, those can also be handy for you to check your bills.

About our Rental Management services

What is the Meet & Greet service and how does it work?

With the Meet & Greet service for your guests we will meet them at your home to hand over the keys and give them a tour through the house. Hereby we explain them the basic things they need to know and we agreed upon with you as the owner on forehand. Of course before they arrive we check the property to see if everything is working correctly using our checklist and adding your special requests.

This service is available from 08.00h to 01.00h and needs to be booked with at least one week in advance due to limited availability by filling in the Meet & Greet form. (For last minute bookings made less than one week in advance please contact us by telephone).

In consultation we can also agree upon a pick up point and bring the guest to your home (extra charges may apply).

It´s important to know that this service is based on a 2 hour service (including travel and waiting time, after that our normal rate will apply), therefore we need to know the arrival time of your guests and we will ask them to call us as soon as they leave the toll road or when having any delay.

Optionally you can add the “Your local contact" services and the SOS service to the Meet & Greet service. With the local contact services your guests can call or write us during opening hours with any question or request they may have, adding the SOS service they can call us 24/7 with any problem during their stay. With these two options a small welcome package is included in the price and provided by us.

What does SOS service mean?

This means that we will provide your guests with a telephone number that they can call 24/7 in case they have an emergency.


We will attend your  guests as good as possible over the phone. Call outs will be charged at the standard rates per hour. 


What is the check in service?

With the check in service we will check the property and make sure everything is working correctly using our check-in/ check-out checklist. After that we will leave the keys for the guests in the key box or make sure that they can pick them up at another point we agreed upon with you. It´s possible to hand over the keys to the tenants personally as well.

This service is available during openings hours and on Saturday (unless specifically agreed otherwise) and based on 1 hour service (including travel and waiting time, after that our normal rate will apply).

What is the check out service?

With the check out service we will check the property and make sure everything is working correctly and nothing is damaged using our check-in/ check-out checklist. In case we find any damage we will contact you directly in case you need to hold the safety deposit. This service will take place within 24 hours after departure of the guests and of course before any new guests arrive. In consultation and if possible we can do the check out at the departure of the tenants so they can give us back the keys.
This service is available during openings hours and on Saturday (unless specifically agreed otherwise) and based on 1 hour service (including travel and waiting time, after that our normal rate will apply).
What is the difference between check in service and Meet & Greet service?

  • With the Meet & Greet guests are being received and welcomed at your home and they get a tour through the house where we explain how several things work. With the check in service we only hand over the keys.
  • Meet & Greets are, whenever possible, provided in the language of the client (guaranteed we can offer English, Spanish and Dutch).
  • The check in service includes a standard check of the property if wanted, with the Meet & Greet we check the property before the arrival of the tenants based on our check list and your wishes.
  • Check in service is available during openings hours and on Saturday where Meet & Greet is available any day of the week from 08.00h till 01.00h.
  • The check in service is an 1 hour service max. where the Meet & Greet is based on a 2 hour service.
  • The Meet & Greet is a personal and exclusive service where we really take into account your wishes and important things you want us to tell the client, at the end of the day each house is different.

What is included in the welcome package?

With the Meet & Greet + Your local contact services and  Meet & Greet + SOS services a small welcome package is provided by us (included in the price) and handed over or left at your home for the client. Including our phone number in case they need any further assistance.

In case you want to provide your guests with your own welcome package or create a welcome package in collaboration with us this is also possible, think of a nice bottle of wine with a card as a welcome, some drinks and snacks or the first groceries (water, coffee, tea, bread etc.) so they don´t have to run of to the supermarket immediately etc.


Who needs to provide e.g. the bedlinen?

When you rent out your property you are responsible for the complete inventory of your home for your  tenants, including electrical appliances, (garden) furniture etc. and also bedlinen and towels (we do provide laundry service).

Who needs to send travel documentation to the tenant?

When the tenant makes the booking with you, you as the owner are responsible that they receive all the documentation regarding their booking, including the travel documentation and, well in advance, the information for their day of arrival.

MMC Property Services will provide you with a document you can send to your tenants about the procedure for their day of arrival and our contact details but of course  you are free to use your own documentation as well as long as tenants know where to go and what to do.

Who takes care of the safety deposit?

Although we can cash occasionally the safety deposit from the tenants for you, we prefer not to for several reasons and always ask our owners to charge the deposit for any damages and any extra costs from their tenants before arrival.


How will you attend jobs or problems while I have guests in my home?

We will always make an appointment first and will not go to the house without the guests knowledge. Therefore it´s very important for us to know at any time if somebody it staying at your home.


It´s not necessary for your guests to stay at home while work is done or to wait for the maintenance guy to come by, with their permission we can go and do our job without disturbing them. And in case maintenance jobs can be planned after their stay we will do this of course afterwards.